Rebalance and Recentre

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Introducing our Rebalance and Recentre pack, crafted to restore harmony and cleanse energies. White Sage takes the lead in this collection, offering potent strength to disperse and repel unwanted energies and entities that linger in your surroundings. Embrace the power of White Sage as it clears away negativity, purifies your environment, and acts as a shield against potential future disturbances.

Accompanying this cleansing ritual is a calming candle, inviting you to sit in quiet reflection, enveloped by the warmth of positive thoughts. To inspire and uplift, an inspirational tile serves as a gentle reminder of strength and resilience during moments of contemplation.

Etikette Candle 

Various fragrances 175ml

White Sage stick

Let's be Frank

'All we have is now' Inspirational Tile 

* Bird not included!